I love tea.  I start the day with a mug of it (Yorkshire, since you ask) and if I’m at home, come 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I can be found making a pot of Earl Grey.   A few years ago there was a bit of a fuss, I seem to recall, when Twinings changed their Earl Grey recipe and, shock horror, added lemon to it.  Like many customers, I was not happy about this.  I’ve always hated lemon in tea.  But there was no need to worry because Twinings did not commit the same crime with their Organic Earl Grey, and that is what I now drink.  It is a little bit more expensive but worth it, in my view.  I should add in my best BBC voice: “other brands of tea are available.”




6 thoughts on “Tea

  1. I’ve just read and very much enjoyed your free writing post on coffee, Rosie. I also adore coffee. We have a good espresso machine at home, but I rarely drink it “neat”. My favourites are a latte or flat white made with skimmed milk. I only have one a day though, usually mid-morning, because I find I’m quite caffeine sensitive and anymore makes me jittery and headache-y.

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  2. I always ask for Earl Grey tea for breakfast in hotels so that I can have weak tea without milk. I cannot drink builders tea and breakfast coffee is usually revolting. In my local market alongside the super coffee beans I can buy Earl Grey leaves with blue flowers. A teaspoonful in a small teapot is delicious.


  3. I find I can’t drink tea without milk. I’m not sure why but it makes me feel a little lightheaded. I’ve never seen Earl Grey leaves with flowers; they sound lovely. Going to look out for them now, but I will have to add a little milk.


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