Smoked Salmon and WordPress Themes

I wrote a post about fishing, which prompted Rosie to reblog a post of hers on the same subject. I thought you might like to read it too.


IMGP0172 The River Don, Aberdeenshire

Well, I’m still trying out various themes for my blog page, as you can see.

I must say I rather like this one …..The Twenty Ten….. It has the clean, crisp look that I wanted and I think I have, more or less, got all the widgets where I want them.  However, I will continue to search for that  PERFECT theme……perhaps it doesn’t exist ……. yet !

I always admire the layout of other people’s blog pages ….. but, somehow, they don’t seem to work for me.  Or maybe I am just loathe to copy someone else’s idea. One that I particularly like is Around the Aga ….a lovely new blog by a dear Twitter friend, Annette. She recently wrote about Fishing and I promised to re-blog an old post about the same subject … here it is………………….



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